Master Gunner, Antiaircraft (671) Enlisted Personnel

Performs a variety of duties in connection with operations and survey functions of an antiaircraft gun units.
Supervises crew making survey to determine length and direction of base lines for observation of predatory record fire, and spotting and adjustment of fire for effect. Determines coordinates and orienting lines for battalion observation posts, battery directing points, and battery flank observing stations for predatory fire and spotting. Determines and marks limits of fires for automatic weapons and machine guns.Plans and supervises minor constructions, including drainage systems, grading, and roads. Supervises surveys for preparation of topographic maps of small areas. Using alidade, plane table, and drafting set, prepares and maintains special maps, charts, overlays, sketches and such miscellaneous drafting as may be required.
May supervise weather observers in obtaining data for weather report, and orienting and leveling theodolite. May also measure deviations and develop film.

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