Master Gunner, Antiaircraft (832) Enlisted Personnel

Performs a variety of duties in connection with operations and survey functions of antiaircraft automatic weapons, searchlight, or barrage balloon units.
At direction of reconnaissance officer, surveys area selected for location of command posts, battery areas, or balloon sites. Determines location of guns to cover entire area, eliminating any dead space and determining safe field of fire to prevent danger to other crews. Locates searchlight batteries to form a searchlight pattern. Picks balloon sites to cover entire defense area, taking into account prevailing winds. Using alidade and plane table, makes surveys for preparation of topographic maps of small areas. With drafting set, prepares overlays showing routes of march, position of weapons, and location of vital installations. Prepares and maintains files of special maps, charts, and sketches. Performs such miscellaneous drafting as may be required.
May lay out plans for minor construction, including drainage systems, grading, and roads. May maintain situation map and journal.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Master Gunner, Automotive Weapons
  • Master Gunner, Barrage Balloon
  • Master Gunner, Searchlight