Mine Supply Maintenance Technician (714) Enlisted Personnel

Receives, stores, and tests mine cable and cleans and maintains mine equipment exclusive to explosives.
Tests used and unused cable by electrical instruments such as bridge megger and fault finder to determine insulation and conductor resistance. Approves or rejects cable thus tested. Renovates used cable by cutting away deteriorated parts, drying out moisture, sliding metal sleeve over splice, and connecting sleeve to cable sheathing by lead joint, using such tools as hacksaw, chipping knife, hammer, mallet, gasoline burner, and wire cutter. Records length of time in use and location of each piece of cable. Keeps record of mine equipment such as buoys, mines, mine casings, lead anchors, distribution boxes, and ordinary tools such as pliers, wire cutters, wrenches, and hammers. Cleans, scrapes and repaints buoys and mine casings.
May supervise a group of workers engaged in the above duties.