Submarine Mine Loader (656) Enlisted Personnel

Works as member of group engaged in loading high explosives and necessary detecting and detonating devices within submarine mine cases used for protection of coastal waters and harbor areas.
Packs various types of high explosives within mine cases according to prescribed plan. Screws electric terminals, resistors, condensers, and relays on base boards and solders wire to proper terminals. Assembles electrical devices into one unit and screws outlet wire to unit. Places assemblies into mine cases according to prescribed plan. Assists in the manual work involved in carrying high explosives to and from magazines. Scrapes, cleans, and paints mine cases and buoys when not engaged in mine loading operations.
Equipment used includes blocks and falls for movement of mine cases, hammers, wrenches, pliers (made of brass to prevent sparks), high explosive charges, and soldering iron.
Must be familiar with safety regulations governing handling of high explosives.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Ammunition Chief
  • Mine Assembler

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