Intercept Operator-J (739) Enlisted Personnel

Identifies and intercepts Japanese military radio signals by means of a radio receiver. Copies intercepted messages and relays them for translation and decoding.
Assembles, installs, operates, and maintains radio receiving and direction-finding equipment including auxiliary accessories such as frequency meter, ink and sound recorders, panoramic adaptors, antenna systems, and power units. Tunes in radio receiver on an assigned frequency or by searching over a band of frequencies. Records intercepted traffic by typewriter or by transcribing data from sound and siphon ink recordings. Operates direction-finding equipment, takes bearings and plots them on a map. Maintains station logs and other records pertaining to the handling of messages.
Performs first echelon maintenance by inspecting, dusting and oiling equipment; making simple repairs or adjustments such as changing tubes, adjusting frequencies, and siphon recorder pen. Uses simple hand tools.
Must be able to receive and copy (without error) on a standard typewriter for a minimum period of 3 consecutive minutes out of 5: International Morse Code sent at a speed fo 30 four-letter random code groups per minute; Japanese Radiotelegraph Code in Ramaji sent at a speed of 75 characters per minute.
Must have working knowledge of combined radio-telephone, radiotelegraph, and authentication procedures. Must be familiar with and understand the use of procedure signs and signals employed in Japanese military radio communications.

Suitable Substitutions