Army Air Forces Supply Technician (826) Enlisted Personnel

Requisitions, stores, and issues hand tools, mobile repair equipment, and a variety of small parts used in servicing or repair of airplanes and aircraft equipment.
Receives verbal requests for tools, equipment, and parts from mechanics and issues them on memorandum receipt. Maintains stock levels of hand tools, mobile repair equipment, nuts and bolts, and miscellaneous aircraft parts and replacement items such as hydraulic units, batteries, electric cables, and engine parts. Maintains proper stock levels and keeps records of articles on requisition, stock on hand, tools issued, and storage credits. Uses standard nomenclature lists and technical orders to identify maintenance equipment, tools, and other equipment. Prepares routine supply reports.
May supervise other technical supply clerks.
Must be familiar with aircraft maintenance operations and have a working knowledge of the nomenclature of parts, equipment, and tools used in various phases of aircraft servicing and repair operations.

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