Parts Clerk, Armament (848) Enlisted Personnel

Receives, stores, issues, and identifies spare parts, tools, and group assemblies of small arms, artillery, fire control equipment, and other armament matériel.
Receives incoming parts and prepares stock record card, or enters data on previously prepared record card. Checks parts received against shipping ticket or memorandum to insure accuracy of numbers. Stores parts in bins or rack compartments, arranging items to facilitate issue and taking of inventories, marking all parts with identification numbers as specified in parts catalog. Issues or distributes parts and group assemblies to personnel, departments, or sections in accordance with written memoranda, noting each withdrawal on appropriate bin or record card. Periodically takes inventory of stock on hand and prepares requests for such items as will adequately maintain a balanced stock.
Must have a practical working knowledge of armament parts and subassemblies, including description, nomenclature, and interchangeability of parts. Must be thoroughly familiar with supply procedure and regulations governing accountability and responsibility for government property, including maintenance of stock and stock record accounts.