Artillery Mechanic, Antiaircraft (Gun) Minor Maintenance (834) Enlisted Personnel

Performs various duties connected with minor maintenance of gun and carriage of a 90-mm, 105-mm, 120-mm and 3-inch antiaircraft gun and auxiliary equipment.
Periodically disassembles, inspects, and cleans major parts of gun including breech mechanism, firing mechanism, firing pin, assembly, and fuze setter. Drains and refills recoil cylinders as required. Replaces defective or worn-out parts such as extractors, set screws, and cotter keys. Cleans and lubricates bearing surfaces and revolving parts, including hubs, wheel bearings, jack handles, ball bearings, trunnion bearings, and elevating and traversing gears. Performs other authorized first and second echelon repair or maintenance work. Supervises and instructs operating crews in proper care and maintenance of guns.
Must be thoroughly familiar with mechanical functioning of antiaircraft guns and be capable of rapidly servicing guns under field conditions. Must be able to use a wide variety of tools, including monkey wrenches, screw drivers, pliers, socket wrenches, end wrenches, punches, mechanic's and bronze hammers, and chisels.