Artillery Mechanic, Antiaircraft (Self-Propelled) Minor Maintenance (841) Enlisted Personnel

Performs various duties connected with minor maintenance of turret and machine guns of self-propelled antiaircraft equipment.
Periodically disassembles, inspects, and cleans major units of turret including control units, differential, turret drive motor, and one cylinder motor. Tightens power belts and services power chargers and charging motor. Using allenhead wrenches, thin blade screw drivers, wire cutters, machinist's and long nose pliers, punches, and hammers, repairs or improvises parts to replace defective equipment. Tests and tightens electrical connections operating turret and solenoids firing the machine guns. Cleans and lubricates or packs bearing surfaces and revolving parts, including the azimuth and vertical gear drive boxes, differential, and base ring.