Mechanic, Chassis, Track Vehicle (908) Enlisted Personnel

Performs unit replacement, field repairs and adjustments, trouble diagnosis, and complete rebuilding of units of power train and suspension systems of full track-laying vehicles other than tractors and artillery prime movers.
Visually examines and mechanically tests light, medium and heavy tanks for malfunctioning of power train and suspension systems, observing for damaged or broken parts and listening for noises indicating improper functioning or defective gears and bearings. Disassembles, repairs, and replaces worn or defective parts of final drive gear assemblies, power take-off assemblies, stabilizer springs, stablizier crank assemblies, clutch assemblies, steer clutch controls, transmission gears and gear shift mechanisms, track support rollers and assemblies, and cowl assemblies. Reassembles and installs repaired assemblies and subassemblies and tests vehicle for satisfactory operating condition.
Uses such tools and equipment as light and heavy hammers and pry bars, various size light and heavy box, stilson, socket and straight wrenches, pliers, screw drivers, chisels, punches, reamers, arbor presses, pullers, heavy hydraulic jacks, chain hoists, and welding equipment.