Mechanic, Chassis, Wheel Vehicle (906) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects and performs unit replacement, field repairs, adjustments, and complete rebuilding of the chassis and power train components of all types of wheel and half-track vehicles.
Examines vehicles for worn, damaged, or defective parts by visual inspection or by road testing vehicle, checking such elements as steering, wheel alignment, braking efficiency, gear shift, mechanism, and clutch operation. Disassembles, repairs, and makes adjustments on such units as front and rear axle assemblies, drive shaft, transfer case assembly, clutch and transmission, chassis frame, and wheel alignment, using such tools and equipment as hydraulic jacks, chain hoist, various size light and heavy open-end, straight, and socket wrenches, hand scraper, bearing pullers, screw drivers, hammers, yoke pullers, arbor presses, drill presses, bench vise, wheel and frame alignment equipment, and wheel balancer.