Electrician, Automotive (912) Enlisted Personnel

Installs, tests, repairs, or rebuilds ignition systems, starters, coil and panel instruments, wiring, and other electrical systems and equipment on all types of Army vehicles and automotive equipment.
Determines causes of malfunctioning of electrical units or systems by visual inspection or by use of such testing devices as voltmeter, ammeter, and tachometer. Using electrician's tools, disassembles, repairs, and replaces defective or worn parts and wiring and makes adjustments to restore unit or system to satisfactory working condition.
Must have a thorough knowledge of the construction and operation of automotive electrical systems including all their component parts. Must be able to use testing devices to determine condition of part or unit and be able to repair or select and install suitable replacement parts.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Automotive Electrician, Fourth Echelon (AAF)
  • Electrician, Track and Wheel Vehicle
  • Storage Battery Electrician

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