Welder, Armor Plate (923) Enlisted Personnel

Performs oxacetylene and electric arc welding on various types of armor plate, including homogeneous and face-hardened materials.
Welds armor plate on turrets, bodies, and shields of tanks, armored cars, half track, armored trains, amphibian tanks and other military vehicles, using acetylene or electric arc welding equipment. Bolts or clamps armored plate in position for welding. Assembles welding equipment, acetylene or electric arc depending on type of welding necessary, position of plate, and stage of metals. Welds armor plate and forms a smooth-finished surface. Repairs dents, cracks, and holes in armor plate by welding armor plate over damaged surface.
Equipment includes acetylene torch, cutting assembly, and set of tips, electric arc welding apparatus, hand operated lever shears, electrically powered grinder and burnishing machines, hand-operated bead former, electrically powered tubing saw, steel welding bench, combination rule and set, dividers, wrenches and electric drill.
Should be able to read blueprints. Should be able to plan and construct jigs for holding parts together during welding process.

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