Searchlight NCO (946) Enlisted Personnel

Directs and supervises crew or crews operating searchlights utilized in detection and illumination of enemy aircraft or naval craft.
Trains various crewmen in operation, maintenance, and tactical use of searchlight, control station, and power generating unit. Is responsible for efficient operation of crew during combat. Prior to going into action, checks all equipment to make certain it is in good working order. Orients or supervises orientation of searchlight, control station, and radar by comparing simultaneous readings in azimuth and elevation. Issues orders to engage target, and orders adjustments in focus or tracking when needed. May designate new target. Directs crew going out of action and supervises maintenance of equipment.
May direct various crew chiefs by telephone, designating targets to be tracked, and relaying information on approach of potential targets.
Must have thorough knowledge of aircraft tactics and identification.

Suitable Substitutions