Structural Steel Worker (100) Enlisted Personnel

Works as a member of group of enlisted specialists raising and placing fabricated structural steel members such as girders, columns, and plates, and units them permanently to form a structure.
Sets up and braces hoisting equipment for raising and placing structural steel. Rigs hoisting equipment with pulleys, ropes, and cables. Lashes, hitches, and hooks ropes, wire cables, chains, and slings to hoist structural steel into place for erecting and setting. Shifts, fits, and sets structural steel. Bolts structural steel members together. Drills holes in structural steel; reams out holes for bolting and riveting. Chips away rough surfaces on concrete and steel; calks steel seams and joints. Unites steel members by inserting rivets in holes and holds rivets in place while forming rivet heads.
Equipment includes oxyacetylene torch, wrenches, drift pins, mauls, air hammer, forge, tongs, hammers, pliers, gloves, and goggles.
Must be able to work from rough diagrams and sketches and oral and written instructions.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Riveter, Pneumatic

Suitable Substitutions