Locomotive Engineer (110) Enlisted Personnel

Operates steam, Diesel, or electric locomotive by manipulating levers which control speed and direction or locomotive in pulling and pushing freight and passenger cars over a military railroad.
Prepares locomotive for operation by checking working condition of various levers such as locomotive operating hand lever, throttle, air brake, sans, and reverse levers. Drives engine by manipulating levers, looking out of engine cab window and gauging adjustments by the condition of the track. Operates engine on through, local, or yard work and controls movement of train in accordance with train orders, schedules, and signals along the route. Oils and checks locomotive at halts.
May assist road foreman of engines in inspections to insure proper mechanical condition of motive power and in instructing engineers and firemen in their duties.
Equipment includes steam, Diesel, or electric locomotives of various heavy tonnages.
Must be thoroughly familiar with railroad semaphore signaling. Must be thoroughly acquainted with railroad safety precautions. Must be able to estimate grades and sharpness of curves and judge safe speeds of train.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Assistant Road Foreman, Engine
  • Locomotive Engineer (Diesel)
  • Locomotive Engineer (Electric)
  • Locomotive Engineer (Steam)

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