Wire Chief, Telephone and Telegraph (261) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises the installations, testing, repair, and general maintenance of central office and other telephone maintenance of central office and other telephone equipment in a military communications system.
Supervises the installations of switchboards, telephones and auxiliary equipment, and the operation of the switchboards. Performs tests to locate line troubles such as cross, ground or short circuits using Wheatstone bridge or voltmeter. Directs repairmen in elimination of troubles and repair of equipment. Maintains records pertaining to cables, terminal boxes, central office power equipment and maps lay-out of telephone system. Instructs personnel in installation and maintenance of equipment. Directs and coordinates work of subordinates by assigning tasks, directing procedures and issuing instructions.
Must be familiar with installation and operation of all central office equipment.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Chief Installer
  • Telephone Inspector
  • Wire Technician, Telephone and Telegraph (AAF)