Portable Power Generator Repairman (506) Enlisted Personnel

Maintains and repairs a portable power generating unit consisting of a gasoline engine and a small electric generator.
In repairing gasoline engine, removes carbon from valves and cylinder heads. Cleans and adjusts carburetor. Replaces fan belts and any other defective parts, such as bearing, piston rings, and spark plugs. Tunes motor by listening to it and adjusting carburetor, timing, ignition system, and valve clearance. Uses wrenches, pliers, screw drivers, and feeler gauge.
In diagnosing and repairing malfunctions in the generator, observes operation of brushes to see if they spark. Examines armature and field windings to see that they are not burned or shorted. Checks for grounds or shorts by testing at various points, using test prods and voltmeter. Recommends return of generator to repair unit if windings are burned, shorted, or grounded. Replaces external wiring between generator and control panel. Replaces faulty bearings. Removes armature and sends it to repair unit if the commutator is in need of turning. Cleans, tightens, and solders loose connections. Lubricates bearings and reassembles unit.