Stable Sergeant (710) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises the care of animals and equipment in field or camp for a military organization using animals as means of transport.
Supervises and controls care, feeding, and watering of animals. Receives, checks, cares for, and determines fitness of forage and bedding. Instructs personnel in performing such duties as grooming, clipping, managing, and caring for animals and in the care of harness, saddles, bridles, and related equipment. Supervises cleaning of stables, corrals, and picket lines, taking necessary measures to insure satisfactory sanitary conditions. Inspects animals for sores, cuts, and skin abrasions, and administers first aid treatment. Carries out veterinarian's instructions regarding care of sick animals. Maintains forage record, shoeing record, morning report of animals, property record, and a horse record card which contains pertinent descriptive data for each animal.
Should have civilian experience as horse trainer, groom or barn boss.

Suitable Substitutions