Packmaster (713) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises, directs, instructs, and controls pack train personnel in the packing, training, conditioning, and care of pack animals and in the care and maintenance of the Phillips pack saddle and harness.
Directs personnel in saddling, packing, and lashing operations and in movement or emplacement of animals. Observes animals during a march, checking saddle adjustment and adjusting loads in order to prevent sores, cuts, and skin abrasions, administering first aid treatment when necessary. Adjusts pack saddle to fit individual animals by adding to or removing hair from saddle pads, using such tools as hair hook, stuffing rod, and hammer. Repairs breaks in harness, bridles, and leather equipment on saddles and replaces such hardware held by leather binding as hasps, rings, and snaps by sewing or riveting, using such tools as saddler's clamps, punch riveting hammer, punches, riveting anvil, rivet cutting nippers, draw gauge, saddler's anvil, pegging awls, thimble, needle, shears, divider, and pliers.
May perform duties of stable sergeant.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Cargador

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