Mechanic, Fuel Induction (926) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects, tests, and performs complete overhaul and rebuild operations on carburetors, injectors, blowers, and superchargers used on military vehicles.
Disassembles, repairs, and replaces such worn, damaged, or defective parts of Diesel injectors, carburetors, fuel, and oil pumps, and primers as floats, float valves, pivot points, needle valves, piston stem bushings, and accelerator pump pistons. Cleans, inspects, tests, and performs such grinding, machining, and adjusting of parts as is necessary to securely fit them within specified tolerances, using such tools and equipment as carburetor repair tools, engine lathes, electric hand-drills, high pressure gauges, hydraulic pumps, and reamers. Reassembles and tests unit to determine adequacy of repair and for satisfactory operational performance.
Must be skilled in the use of mechanic's hand and bench tools and be able to operate engine lathes used to ream bushing and reface needle valves.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Carburetor Specialist
  • Fuel Induction Repairman (AAF)