Motor Inspector (413) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects and tests military motor vehicles visually, by road testing, or with the aid of special testing devices to determine operating efficiency, need of repairs, or adequacy and completeness of repairs.
Visually examines all accessible parts for loose connections, badly frayed or worn insulation, proper lubrication, and other potential hazards to operating efficiency.
Using such tools and testing devices as screw driver, hammer, adjustable and socket wrenches, pliers, spark plug wrench, compression tester, neon timing light, wheel alignment gauge, and thickness gauge, conducts tests to obtain data on motor timing, cylinder compression, fuel consumption, head light focusing, and wheel alignment. Interprets tests to determine type of repairs needed or adequacy of completed repairs.
When feasible, conducts road tests, checking for ease of starting, ease of handling, acceleration, unusual noises, proper functioning of panel instruments and controls, and for correct brake action. Prepares written report on each vehicle inspected, reporting condition of vehicle and recommended action.
Must be familiar with principles of internal combustion engines. Must be familiar with ordnance regulations regarding maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Vehicle Inspector