Mechanic, Turret (907) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects, tests, and performs unit replacement, field repairs and adjustments of stabilizers, auxiliary power plants, gun mounts, and complete unit rebuilding of traversing mechanisms used in turrets of tanks and other combat vehicles.
Determines causes of malfunctioning of turret units by visual inspection or by feel and sound while mechanically operating unit. Using auto mechanic's tools, including differential hoists, dismantles and removes turret unit or subassemblies. Disassembles and repairs or replaces defective or worn parts, performing grinding, scraping, or machining operations necessary to secure accurate fits within specified tolerances. Reassembles, lubricates, and makes final inspection to determine that all parts of turret are in satisfactory operating condition.
Must have a thorough knowledge of the construction and operation of turrets on military combat vehicles, including nomenclature of replacement parts.